TNK-BP Outruns Production Plan in Varyoganneftgaz Fields

Target Subsidiary Varyoganneftegaz (a member of TNK-BP) outruns its oil production business plan by 15,810 tonnes since the beginning of year. The outrun of the planned targets is a result of a whole package of successful well interventions. Three wells with a total rate of 113 tonnes per day were commissioned in the subsidiary fields in the first week of June. Production growth was also facilitated by optimization of four wells from the subsidiary production stock (rate – 63 tonnes per day). Fracturing jobs allowed bringing on stream seven wells with incremental production of 97 tonnes per day.

The level of Varyoganneftegaz gas production and sales is also higher than stipulated by the business plan. The subsidiary sold ca. 958 mln cubic meters since the beginning of year, which is approximately 79 mln cubic meters more than planned.