Hemiwedge Receives Order for Cartridge Valves

Hemiwedge has received an order for $512,000 for its Hemiwedge® Cartridge valves from an energy services customer headquartered in Houston, Texas.

The purchase order was issued to Hemiwedge Valve Corp (HVC), the operating subsidiary of Hemiwedge Industries that sells the patented valve product line. The purchase order is for six inch ANSI class valves for mud-diverter service applications. The deliveries are scheduled to occur over remainder of second quarter and into the third quarter 2010.

The customer likes the Hemiwedge® unique stationary internal core feature that allows the valve to operate and shut off in drilling mud that contains formation chips. The Cartridge feature of the valve allows repair in minutes with the valve remaining in the line, compared to other legacy design ball valves which can require a factory serviceman or removing the entire valve to return to the factory.

Mr. Ken Chickering, CEO of Hemiwedge Industries, said, "We are particularly pleased of an order this size from a relatively new customer expressing confidence in the Hemiwedge® Cartridge valve's proven performance in this application. The Company also believes this customer's international on-shore activity levels could lead to additional orders for the product."