IDS Unveils New Drilling Reporting Tool

IDS unveiled DrillNet Junior. The ground-breaking new drilling reporting tool is a streamlined version of IDS's hugely successful DrillNet application. 

The aim of DrillNet Junior is to bring high-quality drilling reporting services to the smaller operators. The original DrillNet and subsequently, DrillNet2, reporting software has been utilized by operators for many years to instantly recover and analyze data and documents, generate a fully customized DDR, dozens of associated summary reports and a Final Well Report ready to be distributed directly from the system. DrillNet Junior will now allow the same information to be obtained but with a more limited number of fixed reports and without the high level of customization usually provided by IDS. This 'off-the-peg' version of DrillNet will have considerable cost savings for IDS's customers and will allow operators who had previously been priced out of the market, to benefit from a comprehensive drilling reporting tool. 

For those who wish to start with DrillNet Junior and then decide to move on to the fuller package, IDS offers an upgrade to the higher-level DrillNet2 applications, without the need for data migration. 

Douwe Franssens, General Manager of the IDS Group, said, "We are keen for our drilling reporting and analysis services to support operators of all sizes. There are many companies that still do not use reporting software because of the cost implications. We hope that with DrillNet Junior we have now eliminated this problem and enhanced the capabilities of small companies to allow them to punch above their weight."