Gastem Updates on St. Barnabe Well

Gastem announced that the St. Barnabe No1 well on the 37,247 hectare Canbriam Energy/Gastem St-Hyacinthe Property was spudded Saturday, June 5th. Planned total depth is 2,536 m and should be reached in approximately three weeks. The objective is to drill, core and log a vertical well to evaluate the Utica Shale as well as the Lorraine and Trenton formations.

Once completed, the St. Barnabe vertical well will be plugged back and the horizontal section will be drilled. Fracture stimulation completion of the well will be done as part of a program to stimulate all 3 horizontal wells following the drilling of the last horizontal well. The St. Barnabe No1 vertical well is the second well of a four well continuous program composed of three horizontal wells and one vertical well on the St-Hyacinthe Property to be drilled and tested during 2010. Pipeline infrastructure is present on the property.

"The drill rig has moved from La Presentation, where the horizontal well has been drilled and cased, to the site of St. Barnabe," said Mr. Raymond Savoie, CEO of Gastem. "The extensive core recovery planned for the St. Barnabe vertical well will provide detailed laboratory analysis of the Gas in Place (OGIP) for the economic modeling of this exploration block. All horizontal wells will be fracture stimulated and results will be made known as soon as available."