Aztec Bumps Up Production in Tx.

Aztec O&G has finished three consecutive wells on the Blue Ridge Salt Dome, located in Ft. Bend County, Texas on the edge of the Houston, Texas city limits. The Blue Ridge Salt Dome has had successful wells drilled as early as the mid 1920's and has been a prolific producer ever since. "This is a great example of Aztec's Management team taking advantage of their years of experience and relationships for the purpose of positioning Aztec in this specific and prolific drilling area," stated Waylan Johnson, President of Aztec.

Aztec's initial three wells, the Aztec Robinson # 115, #118 and #126, have now all been drilled, logged and cased and are currently awaiting hookup. The Aztec Robinson #118 has been field flow tested at a rate in excess of 200 barrels of oil per day. Aztec and its sponsored drilling Program partnerships hold a 42.75% working interest in the above wells and lease, and Aztec Drilling & Operating, LLC is the operator. "There are several productive zones in each well that calculate to be commercially productive. To see this type of daily production potential at less than 4,000' we believe creates a very significant opportunity for Aztec and our drilling partnerships," continued Johnson.

Mr. Johnson further commented, "The total reserves in the ground for the entire Blue Ridge lease should be a very nice addition for Aztec. We are very possibly looking at a substantial amount of oil reserves, plus a good number of additional locations to drill. While initial results from new wells are always to be viewed cautiously, these wells appear to be validated by like kind, historical results for the field."

Aztec is presently active in five Texas counties and anticipates resuming its drilling activities in the Blue Ridge Salt Dome field in approximately the next 30 to 60 days.