Sound Oil Acquires Seismic Data in Citarum Block

Sound Oil announced that considerable progress has now been made in acquiring the first phase of 867 km of seismic data and to date approximately 700 km data have been recorded in the central and eastern areas of the Citarum block. The Operator of the Production Sharing Contract ("PSC") has recommended to PSC partners that the current seismic survey should be terminated at the end of this Phase 1 of acquisition rather than continue with an extended program to total 1,020 km. This is due to time constraints and the difficulty of acquisition in agricultural and forestry areas. The Phase 1 program more than fulfills the firm work commitment of 750 km seismic related to the first period of the PSC. As the optional 153 km of seismic will now not be acquired, Sound Oil will save a net US $480,000 from the approved budget. 

The Phase 1 survey acquisition is expected to be completed in late June /early July 2010 and processing completed by August 2010. The fully processed results of approximately 400 km of the survey, mostly from the Subang area, have been interpreted and several prospective structures have been recognized in the complexly structured thrust zone. Prospective structures are also recognized to the north of the previously drilled Pasundan-1 well. All the recognized prospective targets are in the Parigi and Cibulakan formations which are proven productive reservoirs in the adjacent Jatirarangon and Pasirjadi gas fields. 

Planning of the next three exploratory wells will commence mid-year and the operator intends to drill on the Citarum block immediately following its drilling campaign on Sumatra, using the same drilling rig. On current schedules the first well should be spudded on Citarum in March 2011 and the three well program should be completed by June 2011. Each well is expected to be drilled to approximately 2000m in depth and take 25 days. A number of potential locations have been identified and these will be firmed-up when the remaining seismic results have been evaluated. 

Commenting on the progress of the Citarum project Gerry Orbell (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) commented, "I am pleased to see some positive results emerge from the long seismic campaign. From what I have seen there is the opportunity to prove a new gas play in the thrust terrain in north Java and our Citarum block is strategically situated to cover large areas of this play trend." 

Sound Oil plc is a 20% shareholder (through its wholly owned subsidiary Mitra Energia Citarum Limited) in the Citarum PSC, onshore Java, Indonesia.