Wood Mackenzie Names D. Pruner as Sr VP of Energy Consulting

Global energy consulting company Wood Mackenzie Ltd has appointed David Pruner as Senior Vice President of Energy Consulting. Mr. Pruner, 43, joined Wood Mackenzie, as part of their new North American Consulting business, in September 2003. Mr. Pruner is headquartered in the company's Houston office.

"We are delighted that David has joined the expanding Wood Mac consulting team," noted Sandra Scott, Director Energy Consulting for Wood Mackenzie. "He personifies the company's "strategy with substance" approach. Coupling David's strategic expertise with the solid underpinnings of the Wood Mackenzie research capability, will well-serve our rapidly evolving client base." Scott notes that Wood Mackenzie is committed to providing solutions to the energy industry for a broad range of strategy and operational challenges. "The dynamics of the natural gas market, in particular, has strategic implications for producers and distributors alike in the US and international markets, and David brings the background and expertise to help our clients understand the impact and possibilities of this changing marketplace. Our consulting practice is distinguished by the strong foundation provided by our rigorous and uniquely developed research products. This knowledge base underpins Wood Mackenzie's strategy with substance approach to consulting".

Mr. Pruner has been in the energy business for over 20 years. He held various senior management positions in the upstream and midstream at both Enron, Azurix and the The Coastal Corporation. During the deregulation of the US gas and power industry, he ran a leading strategy and risk management consulting firm working with clients throughout North America. Prior to consulting he was an energy lending officer for a New York moneycenter bank. He received a BA from Southern Methodist University and served in the United States Marine Corps.