MOP Environmental to Supply Products for Oil Spill

MOP Environmental Solutions has received a Purchase Order from BP to send oil spill absorbent booms to the Gulf of Mexico for the ongoing oil spill clean up efforts. As per the Purchase Order, MOP Environmental will provide BP with three tractor trailerloads of booms to be shipped to the Hope Dale Site staging area in Saint Bernard, Louisiana.

Upon fulfillment of this order, additional deliveries are anticipated to continue on a weekly basis. With the present conditions in the Gulf we believe that BP will be looking to accept as much as we can provide.

"While we are very excited to have a purchase order from BP, the challenge of such a purchase order," said Diamond, "is that BP makes its payment 30 days after delivery. In the meantime we are hustling to raise additional funds to meet demand for increasing our supply. At the same time we are also working on raising additional capital to expand our plant and/or to purchase an additional facility. We anticipate that we will continue to experience the challenges of growth in the coming months and foreseeable future."

To meet the capital requirements, MOP Environmental is currently reviewing several offers to provide funding for the needed expansion for additional plant, equipment, labor and floor space.