TNK-BP Continues Oil-Contaminated Land Remediation Program

TNK-BP announced the completion of a comprehensive inventory in the framework of the program aimed at remediating areas that were contaminated by the previous owners of license blocks and inherited by TNK-BP. In the course of 2008 and 2009 all three phases of the inventory were completed in all the company's license blocks within the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District (KhMAO), which is TNK-BP's main oil production region in West Siberia:

  • remote sensing (satellite imagery) with further interpretation of the data to identify oil—contaminated areas;
  • field inspections with soil testing;
  • desk top processing of data and analysis of results.

The inventory has helped the company understand the timeframe for completion of the remediation program, which was begun in 2004. The data show that the remaining area of contaminated land is less than the company had predicted and matches similar information from the KhMAO government.

"Right from the start TNK-BP undertook to remediate the oil—contaminated and disturbed lands it had inherited. These obligations are not just of a technological, technical or commercial matter for us – they are a mark of responsibility towards the people living in the regions where we carry out our operations and towards society as a whole, and a vital measure for improving environmental safety in the regions where we have a presence," stated Gleb Lyuksemburg, Vice President for Health, Safety and Environment, TNK-BP.

The company is continuing its research in the field of land remediation technologies, waste processing and decontamination. The findings of this work have shown that there is scope for further optimization of the techniques being used and will be taken on board during 2010.