IDS to Provide Drilling Report Services in Falklands

IDS is working with AGR Petroleum Services (AGR) under their global contract to provide them with drilling reporting services for their operations in the Falklands. 

DrillNet, IDS's drilling reporting software, is used by AGR in its management of Ocean Guardian, in the North Falklands Basin. DrillNet will allow AGR to easily manage and analyse vast quantities of data, doing so both from the Falklands and from their base in Aberdeen. As DrillNet is a web-based application, it is accessible from anywhere across the globe, at any time, requiring just a web browser and login details through a secure personal account. The system also provides tight-hole data security. 

DrillNet is the first online WITSML-powered drilling reporting service to offer an intuitive user interface supported by powerful reporting and analysis tools. DrillNet allows data and documents to be instantly recovered and analyzed producing a fully customized DDR, dozens of associated summary reports and a Final Well Report. Under IDS’s second generation of software, DataNet2, DrillNet is also available with a fully integrated search engine. 

Beth Anderson, Business Development Manager UK & Europe for IDS, said, "We have a long-standing relationship with AGR and are pleased to be working with them on this exciting project. The web-based nature of DrillNet has great benefits for well management companies like AGR as they are able to access and analyze all relevant information from anywhere in the world."