Pogo Logs Natural Gas Pay in the Gulf of Mexico

Pogo Producing reports that the Main Pass Block 68 No. 1 exploratory well reached a depth of 7,300 feet subsea, discovering 68 feet of measured natural gas pay. The well is situated in only 28 feet of water, and is located on Louisiana State Lease No. 17824. Pogo is the operator and has a 100% interest in this block. A small caisson production facility will be ordered as soon as possible, and initial production is expected from this newly discovered Main Pass block by the third quarter of next year.

Also in the Gulf of Mexico, Pogo has a 25% non-operating interest in an exploratory well drilled at Ship Shoal Block 52, where some 66 feet of gross hydrocarbon pay was encountered at a subsea depth beginning at 16,912 feet, and an additional 40 feet of gross pay was found at approximately 15,600 feet subsea. A flow test on the well yielded a calculated rate of 970 barrels of oil and 2.7 million cubic feet of natural gas per day on a 14/64-inch choke. The well is currently being completed and development alternatives are being reviewed by the partners.

An important exploratory well drilled by Pogo, as operator and 50% owner, on Eugene Island Block 280 has successfully encountered 120 feet of gross natural gas column at a subsea depth of approximately 15,850 feet. Prompt development of this newly discovered natural gas field is now being planned.

Elsewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, Pogo has plugged a 100% owned and Pogo- operated unsuccessful exploration well drilled at Ewing Bank Block 830.