Benchmarking Report IDs Ways to Reduce NPT

Athens Group and ModuSpec published the second set of results from "The State of NPT on High-Specification Offshore Assets:
Second Annual Benchmarking Report." These results are focused on commissioning and human resources-related Non-Productive Time (NPT).

Highlights include: 100% of Drilling Contractors and Operators plan to take more control over the commissioning phase, 77% of Drilling Contractors and Operators agreed that it has become even more difficult to find qualified personnel to reduce topsides-related risk, 93% plan to improve rig crew training. The information in this second annual benchmarking report is based on survey responses from Drilling Contractors and Operators.

The survey was designed to help respondents reduce NPT on late-generation assets by answering these questions:

  • How did my peers handle commissioning in 2009?
  • What are my peers doing differently in 2010 to reduce costs and increase uptime?
  • What are the hidden causes of, and opportunities to reduce, NPT in this area?
  • How can Drilling Contractors and Operators work better within the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) contract to reduce NPT?