Babcock Secures Survey Services on Vessel

Babcock is to provide advanced engineering survey services on the Acergy Borealis, currently being built at the Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore as a state-of-the-art deepwater pipelay and heavy lift construction vessel.

Babcock has been appointed to undertake advanced engineering survey work, including laser scanning and 3D modeling as well as specific analysis on the vessel. Babcock's role will ensure dimensional accuracy and interfacing using its 3D modeling and surveying expertise, to minimize dimensional uncertainty and ensure that the various unique components being manufactured in different worldwide locations will fit together first time, for efficient and successful assembly.

Babcock will use advanced laser scanning technology as the quickest and most reliable method for capturing the as-built geometry of every aspect of the new assembly. Surveys are to be carried out at various locations in Asia, Europe and West Africa. The software used then allows this captured geometry to be viewed on the desktop enabling Babcock to analyze, monitor and advise of any potential issues prior to delivery. This will avoid the need for on-site re-work and the associated high cost and delays that such re-work could bring.

Babcock's Integrated Technology Design Services Business Development Engineer, Blair Jamieson commented, "Babcock's unique combination of 3D surveying, modeling and marine engineering, and high level of expertise as leaders in this field, is increasingly being recognized by the marine industry as a tool for reducing project risk. We are delighted to be able to provide these services to Acergy, with whom we have worked on a number of projects previously, to help ensure the smooth running and timely completion of this project, and delivery of what will be a key strategic asset for the company."

Babcock will be working alongside Acergy on this project until completion and operational delivery of Acergy Borealis, expected to be in the first half of 2012.