Petrobras Begins Production in Cachalote

Petrobras started up the production of the FPSO Capixaba in Cachalote field on May 29. The FPSO will also be connected to the Baleia Franca field, both located in the Whales Park area, on the southern coast of Espírito Santo, Campos Basin.

FPSO Capixaba is chartered for Petrobras by SBM, and was installed in Golfinho Field. The platform was moved to Whales Park, after some adjustments in the process plant, aiming to anticipate the production in these fields.

The first well connected to the FPSO is 7-CHT-5HA-ESS, with a production capacity estimated at 22 thousand barrels per day. Until the end of the year, the platform is expected to be interconnected to a total of nine wells. There will be three production wells and two injection wells in Cachalote, and three production wells – two of these in the pre-salt layer – and one injection well in Baleia Franca. The peak of production is expected for December 2010 (100 thousand barrels of oil per day).