Serica Drills a Duster in Irish Sea

The Conan exploration well, 113/26b-3, reached a total depth of 5,994 feet (1,827 meters) without encountering hydrocarbons. The well was targeting the gas potential of the Triassic age Sherwood Sandstone, the main producing reservoir in the existing fields in the East Irish Sea. Data collected confirms the well entered the Sherwood Sandstone at a depth of 5,827 feet (1,776 meters), but no hydrocarbons are present in the sands at this location. The well will be plugged and abandoned. Agora, following a farm-out agreement, will pay 70% of the drilling costs to earn a 35% interest in the license; Serica retains a 65% interest. The consortium plans to spud the Oates prospect in the Central North Sea in July.

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