Origin Energy Notes Drilling Ops at Perth Basin

Origin Energy advised that the Weatherford drilling rig 826 is currently drilling the Redback 2 exploration well. This well is being drilled from the same surface location as Redback 1, drilled in 2004.

At 06.00 hours Western Standard Time today, coring operations are underway in the basal Kockatea Shale at a depth of 3,808 meters MDRT#, above the target Wagina reservoir.

Drilling progress for the week was 199 meters.

Well type and location

Onshore gas exploration well, Perth Basin, Western Australia (L11 / EP 320).

Redback 2 is being drilled as a directional well to intersect the target Wagina reservoir at a subsurface location 380 meters NNW of Redback 1 at a prognosed vertical depth of 3,715 meters sub-sea.

Surface location

  • Latitude: 29° 27' 27.34" S
  • Longitude: 115° 09' 41.77" E

Target location

  • Latitude: 29° 27' 15.15" S
  • Longitude: 115° 09' 40.33" E

Participating Interests

  • Origin Energy 67.00%
  • AWE Ltd. 33.00%