TNK-BP to Ramp Up Bitumen Production

In 2010 TNK-BP plans a 60% expansion of its premium-class bitumen production, compared to 2009 output, in order to meet the greater demand for high-quality bitumen shown by Russian road construction organizations. The greater demand is a result of the amendments to Russian legislation that increased roadbed warranty lifetime to 7 years.

The production of the company's brand-new polymer-modified bitumen TNK Alfabit will be expanded this year more than 1.5-fold to reach the production levels of 36,000 tonnes per year. Subject to compliance with the relevant road construction technology, TNK Alfabit will increase the guaranteed road life cycle from 2—3 to 7—10 years, compared to ordinary bitumen, without intermediate repairs.

TNK Alfabit is produced at TNK-BP's pilot plant in Ryazan.

In the framework of expanding its cooperation with end-consumers TNK-BP began shipping the bonding polymer-bitumen (BPB) TNK-Alfabit 60 to be used during the road works along the M4 Don Federal Highway that connects the Center of the European part of Russia to the Northern Caucasus, Lower Volga region and Black Sea coast.

"Premium—class bitumen is a high-tech product that enables our company to remain a reliable supplier for largest and most significant sites. These products offer great savings opportunities thanks to which the money can be redistributed to new facilities under construction," said Eldar Verdiev, Leader of Bitumen Performance Unit, TNK-BP.