Matra Updates on Sokolovskoe Field Drilling

Matra provided the results of appraisal well-13 on the Sokolovskoe field, in the Orenburg region, Russia.

Drilling of well-13 has been completed at a total depth of 3718m. The well has been cored, logged and tested across various prospective zones. Logging and coring showed a net oil interval of 7m in the main Aphonenski reservoir of which 5m was included in the test interval. A short open-hole drill stem test was conducted and the interval produced clean oil at a rate of 110 bopd.

While porosity and permeability were poorer than in well-12, net oil pay was 7m compared to 6m in well-12. Analysis of the test data showed formation damage that may be removed at a later point by acidizing, which may allow higher production rates. Installation of a pump may further improve productivity from this well. The well will now be cased and suspended whilst the rig is demobilized. A work-over rig will then be mobilized to complete and acidize the well in order to commence production.

Matra's Managing Director, Peter Hind said, "These initial results from well-13 and poorer reservoir quality will impact our in-house pre-drill resources estimates. However, we look forward to analyzing the test data from well-13 after acidization, which, together with additional 3D seismic acquisition and a work-over of well-12, should allow us to optimize future field development."