Brigham Well Tests Flow Back Rates

Brigham announced the completion of the Jack Cvancara 19-18 #1H and the Tjelde 29-32 #1H at early 24 hour peak flow back rates of 5,035 and 3,171 barrels of oil equivalent, respectively. To date, Brigham has successfully completed 23 consecutive long lateral, high frac stage wells at an average early 24 hour peak flow back rate of 2,679 barrels of oil equivalent. Brigham also provided an operational update.

Brigham announced the completion of its operated Jack Cvancara and Tjelde at early 24 hour peak flow back rates of 5,035 (4,357 Bopd and 4.07 MMcf/d) and 3,171 (2,803 Bopd and 2.21 MMcf/d) barrels of oil equivalent, respectively. The Jack Cvancara is located in Brigham's Ross project area in Mountrail County, North Dakota. The Jack Cvancara apparently has the second highest initial rate for a Bakken well in the Williston Basin after Brigham's Sorenson 29-32 #1H, which was completed with an early 24 hour peak flow back rate of 5,133 barrels of oil equivalent. Brigham maintains an approximate 83% working interest in the Jack Cvancara, which was completed with 36 frac stages. The Tjelde is located in Brigham's Rough Rider project area in McKenzie County, North Dakota. Brigham maintains an approximate 77% working interest in the Tjelde, which was completed with 30 frac stages.

Brigham's accelerated development of its core operated acreage in Williams, McKenzie and Mountrail Counties is proceeding as previously outlined with five operated rigs drilling, four of which are located in Rough Rider with an additional rig located in Ross. In addition, one Bakken well is currently fracing and five wells are waiting on completion.

Bud Brigham, the Chairman, President and CEO, commented, "Our technical teams continue to achieve outstanding results with the addition of the high rate Jack Cvancara and Tjelde wells. Apparently we have now completed the two highest initial production rate Bakken wells in the Williston Basin, with the strong performance of the Sorenson and Jack Cvancara. Our formula for success, which includes long laterals with a high number of frac stages, swell packers, ceramic proppant and highly efficient and precise geosteering, continues to provide our stockholders with excellent visibility for strong and consistent growth in our high value oil production volumes and long life reserves. Finally, later in the second quarter or early in the third quarter, we anticipate completing our first Bakken test in Montana, which has the potential to begin de-risking additional drilling locations in our Pale Rider project area in Roosevelt County, Montana."