Petrobras Hits Oil Pay in Caratinga

Petrobras discovered two light oil accumulations in the 6-CRT-43-RJS well in the Caratinga field area. The oil accumulation (post salt) discovered in Albian age carbonatic reservoirs is situated at a depth of 12,959 feet (3,950 meters), and preliminary estimates indicate recoverable volumes of about 105 million barrels of oil equivalent. The other accumulation confirmed by the well, found in Aptian age carbonate reservoirs at a depth of 14,026 feet (4,275 meters), appears to be an extension of the accumulation discovered previously by well BR-63A- 6-RJS in the Barracuda field area. Preliminary data indicates recoverable volumes of about 40 million barrels of oil equivalent. If the extension assumption is confirmed, preliminary data indicates a total estimated recoverable volume of 360 million barrels of oil equivalent to these accumulations.

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