TSmarine Secures 3rd Vessel

TSMarine is boosting its offering to clients, expanding its fleet with the recent signing of its third vessel, the DP2 Subsea Construction Vessel Havila Phoenix.

Regional Sales Manager Ian Rowson said Havila Phoenix would enhance the company's offshore offering across all sectors of the market.

"From our own experiences and a study of the available tonnage in the market in which we operate we have determined that the Havila Phoenix best suits current and future requirements for our clients, particularly for some of the larger subsea construction projects around the region," Mr. Rowson said.

"We can clearly see an upturn in the industry and have secured the right vessel for the opportunities ahead.

"The Phoenix offers our clients increased capability and greater flexibility over our current fleet in all areas of subsea work, with increased crane capacity, larger more versatile back deck, and increased accommodation and enhanced sea keeping.

"The 250T deck crane is a significant increase while the secondary 20T deck crane adds flexibility during offshore work. Both cranes have 2,500m hook travel available, ideal for the upcoming deepwater projects.

"With 1100 meter squared of clear deck space and low bulwarks, with large sections of the bulwarks removable from either side of the vessel, it’s a flexible vessel particularly when deploying or recovering loads to deck or when setting up flexible lay spreads," he said.

"Our current fleet offers good sea keeping and operability and the Phoenix continues this trend with enhanced sea keeping capabilities. The larger more powerful vessel provides greater stability and station keeping capabilities, making it ideal for harsh weather operations and areas prone to large swells with less weather down time during offshore operations," Mr. Rowson said.

TSMarine's charter with vessel owners, Havila Shipping, will see Havila Phoenix available from the middle of the year following the installation of TSMarine equipment, including two work class ROVs.