TNK-BP Concludes Seismic Exploration in Astrakhan Region

TNK-BP has completed seismic exploration of all of its fields in the Astrakhan region: Svetlosharinskoye, Kirikilinskoye and Vatazhnoye Severnoye. The company conducted 2D seismic at a depth of 1400 km, as well as a geoelectric survey and other geological surveys. Currently the data that was gathered is being analyzed.

TNK-BP used the most advanced technology available during the seismic exploration at the Vatazhnoye Severnoye and Kirikilinskoye fields. The fields are located in the environmentally sensitive Volga delta, close to specially protected natural territories and internationally important wetlands. Furthermore, the company did not drill or use chemicals that could damage the local fishing industry.

"TNK-BP is determined now and in the future to handle environmental protection in the Volga delta with care when conducting geological work and the subsequent oil and gas production. We completed a series of surveys and the results have given us justification for drilling the first prospect well in the Astrakhan region. We plan to begin the drilling in 2011," said Francis Sommer, Executive Vice President, Technology, TNK-BP.

TNK-BP acquired three 25-year licenses to develop fields in the Astrakhan region at an auction in 2006.