Downhole Tool to Apply Gyro Tech

AnTech announced that South West Regional Development Agency has awarded the company a grant of more than £100,000 through its Grant for Research and Development scheme. The funding will support the development of a revolutionary new directional drilling tool for coiled tubing systems called the Polaris. The new tool is the first of its kind to use a solid state gyro for directional drilling.

Technological breakthrough

Until now, using a solid state gyro to monitor orientation while drilling has not been possible. With AnTech's proprietary Polaris solution and patented methods, it is now a reality that offers a simple, low-cost solution to the market. Although this technological breakthrough will offer solutions for a wide range of applications, AnTech's initial focus is on the development of its Polaris tool for the coiled tubing directional drilling market.

Low Cost Directional Drilling

The Polaris is equipped with a solid state gyro to monitor orientation so there is no need for costly non-magnetic material or complex sensors. As a result, the tool is shorter and cheaper. Because the Polaris is less expensive to manufacture and operate, it can be used for many types of applications in a broad range of environments. For example, operators involved in accessing unconventional gas shales, coal bed methane (CBM) and underground coal gasification (UCG) will be able to use an effective directional drilling system that enables the efficiency and cost advantages of Coiled Tubing Drilling (CTD) to be realised.

Easier to Deploy, More Reliable

With a gyro that has no moving parties, the compact Polaris provides operators with a solution that is more reliable and simple to deploy. The Polaris promises to offer significant benefits to CTD contractors keen to use a less expensive tool that is easier to use and transport than traditional systems. It can be operated by one or two technicians with minimal calibration, and is shorter than the motor with which it operates. The Polaris tool makes CTD viable and delivers with it the associated benefits of coiled tubing, offering a small, closed system and making it is less intrusive and more environmentally-friendly.

Indebted to South West Regional Development Agency

"We are very fortunate to have received this generous grant from the South West Regional Development Agency," said Toni Miszewski, Managing Director of AnTech. "Without it, the development of this innovative new technology would'nt have been possible due to the industry downturn. Instead, we're looking forward to making the Polaris a reality in 2010, which is very exciting, especially for the international energy industry," he added.

Scheduled for completion by year-end, AnTech anticipates that with its compact size and precise directional system, the Polaris will quickly become the leading directional drilling system of choice within the global oil and gas industry, and alternative energy resource sector.