Nalco Responds to EPA's Sub-Surface Dispersant Analysis

Nalco on Thursday issued the following statement after the EPA ordered BP to use a chemical dispersant other than Nalco's Corexit product, whose use EPA had authorized a week earlier.

"We are gratified that the EPA has acknowledged that the use of Nalco's dispersants has been effective and has had no undue impact on the marine environment.

"As the agency noted on its website today: 'Toxicity data does not indicate any significant affects on aquatic life. Moreover, decreased size of the oil droplets is a good indication that, so far, the dispersant is effective.'

"These results are from an aggressive dispersant monitoring plan in the Gulf that has been implemented by BP and is regularly and rigorously reviewed. We welcome the test of any alternative use technologies to mitigate the environmental impact of the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico.

"As always, our sole responsibility is to help government responders in any way they deem appropriate.

"Test results can be found on the EPA Dispersant webpage."