AWE Updates Offshore Taranaki Basin Drilling

AWE reported the Tui SW-2 well reached a depth of 4,944 feet (1,507 meters) last week. The 13 3/8-inch casing was run and cemented to a depth of 1,909 feet (582 meters), which is shallower than planned but necessary due to difficulty with unstable shallow sediments at the well's location. The contingency 9 5/8-inch casing will now be run to 4,921 feet (1,500 meters), before drilling ahead to reach its targeted depth of 12,221 feet (3,725 meters). Once drilling ends, the well will be cased and suspended as a future gas injection well. The Tui South West prospect is located in mining license PMP 38158 in the offshore Taranaki Basin and is adjacent to the producing Tui oilfield. AWE operates the prospect, holding a 42.5% interest.

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