Optimization Petroleum Technologies Launches New Pilot Program

Optimization Petroleum Technologies announced the launch of a pilot program for Independent producers in the U.S. The pilot program will provide operators with the use of PEOffice® Suite- a robust, integrated petroleum engineering software toolset- for 60 days without charge. The program will allow Independent producers and consultants to test the PEOffice Suite against the tools or spreadsheets currently in use. 

The software enables users to easily visualize, evaluate and manage reservoir and production related planning, design and operations. Producers can utilize the engineering capabilities for property evaluation, wellbore and facility design, reservoir simulation, well and surface equipment failure diagnosis and production planning. 

Participants in the pilot program will receive: 

  • Onsite demonstration of PEOffice® suite
  • Sixty days free use of the PEOffice suite for two employees
  • Two days of onsite training in house and follow-up training using web meetings as needed
  • One day of on-site consulting beyond the initial training

"Having been well established in Asia, we are a new player in the U.S. market," said Jacoby Garcia, Vice President and Director of OPT in North America. "The launch of this pilot program enables OPT to demonstrate the ease of use, power and lower lifecycle cost associated with PEOffice. Through PEOffice, independent producers now have access to the same advanced software technology that large companies enjoy, but at a fraction of the cost of competitive software."