American Petro-Hunter: Drilling Nears TD at Rooney Project

American Petro-Hunter providef an update for the drilling program at the Rooney Project in Ford County, Kansas where the #2 Double-H well has passed 5,000 feet and is approaching the planned total depth (T.D.) of 5,500 feet.

The #2 Double-H is a direct offset to the project's discovery well and targets the subsequently identified reservoir estimated to contain in excess of 3 million barrels of oil on a location that maximizes the targeted thickness of both Mississippian and Morrow sand.

The Company has been informed by the operator that T.D. should be reached within the next 24 hours, after which, all oil shows encountered will be drill stem tested. As we anticipate the #2 Double-H to cut similar pay to the discovery well, immediate completion of the well is expected. In the event of a call as a commercial producer, the Company plans a rapid tie-in to the existing infrastructure, including the present tank battery at the Rooney lease.

In related news, the Company wishes to report that the construction of surface production facilities is ongoing at the North Oklahoma Project on the No. 1 Well location. Tank Battery construction and installation of pumping equipment is proceeding as planned. The targeted date for the commencement of commercial oil production is estimated on or around June 1st. Additional updates are regularly provided by the operator and the Company will announce any substantive information as soon as it becomes available.