SeaBird Scores Rosebank Seismic Survey

SeaBird announced the execution of an agreement with Chevron North Sea for the acquisition of a large scale ocean bottom node seismic survey West of Shetland at approximately 1,200m water depth. The purpose of this full azimuth 4C-3D node survey is to acquire multi-component data for improved reservoir imaging and characterization. The survey will be conducted with the survey vessel Hugin Explorer with a capacity of 750 proprietary autonomous CASE Abyss nodes on board and the source vessel Kondor Explorer which is planned to cover a full azimuth dense shooting program of about 250 square km. The mobilization was commenced immediately after the recent completion of the node survey offshore ultra deep water Nigeria. The survey will start end of May 2010 with an expected duration of approximately 3 months including mobilization and demobilization. 

Rosebank Partners:

  • Chevron North Sea Limited 40.00%
  • Statoil (U.K.) Limited 30.00%
  • DONG E&P (UK) Limited 10.00%
  • OMV (U.K.) Limited 20.00%