New Schlumberger LWD Tool Cuts Costs & Improves Safety

Schlumberger Oilfield Services has created a new logging-while-drilling (LWD) system that acquires and transmits seismic data in real time without interfering with normal drilling operations.

The seismicVISION(a) system delivers traditional borehole-seismic measurements, including checkshot and interval velocity data in real time, to reduce the uncertainty of events ahead of the bit. Seismic waveforms are available in memory. In-time access to such calibration data is critical where large uncertainties in the time-depth relationship exist, or in wells where it is essential to set casing in a particular interval identified by the surface seismic data. With seismicVISION operators can reduce casing runs and rig time.

"With seismicVISION drillers can manage seismic uncertainty to reduce well costs and improve safety; especially in deepwater and other areas with significant seismic uncertainties," said Paal Kibsgaard, president, Drilling and Measurements, Schlumberger Oilfield Services. "Importantly, with the checkshot continuously correcting the seismic map both the driller in depth, as well as the geologists and geophysicists in time, can see in real time where they are on the surface seismic map."

seismicVISION has been successfully tested in a variety of offshore locations. A client drilling in the Caspian Sea used the service to reduce seismic uncertainty from 2500 feet to 30 feet to confirm and hit the target location. Another client, drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, used the seismicVISION service to drill within 60 feet of the base of salt and then used the waveforms to look ahead and identify features below the salt.