C&C Technologies Opens New Shop in La.

C & C Technologies announced the opening of its Stonewall, Louisiana office, as well as its appointment of Josh McDaniel as senior regulatory specialist.

McDaniel's background includes a degree in wildlife biology from Louisiana Tech University, time served on the state technical advisory committee for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and certification as a Wetland Delineator.

The office will provide land survey services, as well as wetland determinations and delineations, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permitting, drill site assessments and layouts, erosion control consultation, and surveys for threatened and endangered species, specializing in the Red-cockaded Woodpecker. Other land survey services will include the following:

  • Staking of proposed locations
  • Locate P&A wells
  • Salt water disposal well permitting
  • Pre- and post-dredging surveys
  • Drill site area surveys
  • Preliminary planning maps
  • Right-of-way plats and acquisition
  • Smart pig survey layout
  • River and canal crossing surveys
  • Construction layout surveys
  • As-built/depth of cover surveys
  • Corps of Engineers drawings
  • Alignment sheets