Petrobras: Monobuoy Submerges in Campos Basin

Petrobras reported that a monobuoy is submerging in a controlled way in the north of the Campos Basin, 113 km away from the city of Macaé, at a water depth of 85 meters.

The buoy heeled last May 11th. As sea conditions did not allow for it to be normalized, Petrobras moored the buoy to two tug boats in order to allow it to have a controlled landing on the seafloor.

Petrobras' emergency plan was set into motion, and all resources were deployed. Special vessels used to contain and collect oil were also deployed preventively and will be ready for action in the event of a leak.

There has been no impact on the Basin's oil and gas production and offloading.

The Company reported the incident to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) and to the Brazilian Navy.