Schlumberger Unveils Revolutionary Service for Offshore Industry

Schlumberger launched its revolutionary SeaConnect VSAT service for the offshore industry. This new service is a world first, providing high-performance VSAT services using an innovative portable marine 60-cm C-band antenna and related technologies.

"With its high portability, mobility and small footprint, the SeaConnect service will enable connectivity to any type of offshore vessel or to any service company on a rig," said Paul Khayat, marketing manager, Schlumberger Global Connectivity Services. "This unique service has been engineered to meet the industry's needs while providing vessel owners and service companies freedom to have their own secure communication systems."

SeaConnect is a high-performance, dedicated and secure VSAT offering based on a fixed-fee unlimited data access. Schlumberger has successfully trialed the SeaConnect service for the last six months on a number of vessels operating in South East Asia. It is available now in South East Asia, and will expand to South Asia, Africa and Latin America in the coming months.

Based on a marine stabilized VSAT antenna, the compact and portable SeaConnect technology is deployed in 30 minutes, providing rapid end-user data and voice access. The combination of the spread spectrum and CDMA technologies enables the use of a 60cm antenna in C-band while assuring affordable compliance with the required specifications.