Forent Snags Nova Scotian Gradiometry Survey

Forent Energy has signed a definitive agreement with ARKeX for a US $1.4 million gravity gradiometry survey of its Alton Block in Nova Scotia, which is anticipated to commence later this month. Forent explored a number of alternatives in order to determine how best to delineate the reef-prone portion of the Alton Block and concluded that the ARKeX survey would provide the most efficient and cost effective way of gaining the detailed geological information needed over such a large area.

The Alton Block in Nova Scotia has two prominent hydrocarbon plays - reef oil and shale gas. The gravity gradiometry survey will give
Forent with its first significant evidence as to the location of the potentially oil bearing reefs.

ARKeX's gravity gradiometer is a high bandwidth, high resolution 3D imagery system that can deliver a detailed picture of subsurface geology. Specifically, it will identify structural highs where reef structures tended to grow. After the structural highs have been identified, the Forent intends to shoot a 2D seismic program early next year and to initiate a multi well drilling program in the summer of 2011.