Det norske Makes Discovery at Storklakken

Det norske has discovered oil in Storklakken close to the Frøy field. The proven volumes are between 7 and 12 million barrels of oil equivalents. Det norske owns 100% of the license.

Det norske, operator of production license 460, has completed drilling an exploration well (25/1-11) and a subsequent sidetrack (25/1-11 A) in the Storklakken prospect. The wells were drilled using the Aker Barents drilling rig.

The volumes proved through the two wells are estimated at between 7 and 12 million barrels (1.1 and 1.9 million Sm3).

The wells were primarily intended to prove hydrocarbons in the Frigg/Odin formations (the Hordaland and Rogaland groups). Their secondary purpose was to prove hydrocarbons in the Hermod/Heimdal formations (the Rogaland Group).

Well 25/1-11 encountered oil in the upper part of a sandstone unit, which has very good reservoir properties in the Frigg formation. Sidetrack 25/1-11 A was drilled upflank towards the top of the structure, and proved further oil reserves – also in very good reservoir sands. The total oil column is roughly 19 meters in length. A one-meter-long gas column was also proven. The discovery has not been tested, but comprehensive data acquisition and sampling have been carried out.

The wells proved good reservoir development in the Hermod/Heimdal formations, but the sands did not contain any hydrocarbons.

Storklakken is located approximately 12 kilometres from the abandoned Frigg field, five kilometers south of discovery 25/1-9, and 220 kilometers northwest of Stavanger.

The wells are the first exploration wells in production license 460. The license was awarded as part of APA 2007.
Wells 25/1-11 and 25/1-11 A were drilled to a vertical depth of 2,298 and 2,225 meters below sea level, respectively, until they encountered Palaeocene-age rock in the Heimdal formation.

The ocean depth is 107 meters. The wells will now be permanently plugged and abandoned. The discovery is probably commercial, and tie-in with one of the existing or planned installations in the area is being considered.