Sun Cal Acquires 10 Drill Sites

Sun Cal has entered into and completed the acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding shares of Clean Resources in exchange for 15,000,000 Restricted common shares of Sun Cal.

The principal assets of Clean Resources, are ten drill sites, with the option for additional ten drill sites for each ten wells completed. In addition, Clean Resources has the option to participate, or a right of refusal to participate, in all activity on all acreage encompassing a total of 4,500 acres located in Jim Wells County, Texas.

Estimated production from each drilled well is 200,000 bbls oil and 1,200,000 MCF gas from the Frio Sands zone. The principal pay zones or production zones, number 12 in the Frio Sands and 3 in the Miocene Sands.

"We are extremely pleased with this latest acquisition," states Company president George Drazenovic. "These well sites are infield drilling opportunities that are offset from existing production in a field that indicates to be a geological twin that has produced 5.6 million bbls oil and 28 000,000 mcf of gas from 31 shallow wells over the last 15 years."