Brinx to Participate in New 4-Well Ok. Drilling Program

Brinx has elected to participate in a new four well Oklahoma drilling program.

The decision to participate in the OK#6 program was based on positive results from previous Oklahoma drill programs in which Brinx and its partners have run production casing on seven of seven consecutive successful oil and gas wells. The OK#6 program is located in the same area and will target the same multiple oil and gas pay zones that had been defined by previous radiation and electric logs.

"As in our previous drill programs with this same partnership, these new well locations were hand-picked based upon our detailed knowledge of the complex local geology combined with our proprietary 3-D seismic data," said Leroy Halterman, President of Brinx Resources. "The exclusive use of this combination of geological and proprietary geophysical data has resulted in our better than average success ratio. We will continue to utilize this exploration advantage in this new drill program and beyond."

Drilling the first of the four wells, the OK#6-1, is expected to commence within the next 30 days. Further information regarding progress at the OK#6 drill program will be released, as it becomes available.