IHS Launches 2 New Modules to Improve Workflows

IHS announced two new modules for IHS PETRA in release — a Directional Well Module and a Decline Curve Analysis Module, giving the popular software a new interface to improve horizontal and directional drilling workflows and enhanced well and production analysis capabilities. IHS PETRA is a PC-based geological and engineering analysis software tool from IHS that is used by geoscientists and engineers to visualize, analyze and manage well, production, well log, drilling, reservoir, seismic and other related information.

"The new Directional Well Module for IHS PETRA enables users to plan directional wells more easily than ever within required geological parameters using an integrated, step-by-step well planning wizard," said Kent Williamson, director of IHS PETRA product management. "We've made the well-planning workflow easier and more efficient, and as an added advantage, all planned wells are stored within the IHS PETRA database for future data loads and analyses. Multiple planned wellbores also can be stored along with the actual wellbore within a single well record, eliminating the need for pseudo wells to represent planned wellbores, which just clutter the database."

Incorporating an innovative three-panel display that includes map, profile and spreadsheet views, along with an improved link to the IHS PETRA 3-D Viz Module, the Directional Well Module makes it easy for users to plan multiple wellbores, pick formation tops both on and off the wellbore, and quickly re-grid surfaces to refine interpretations. The Directional Well Module also allows users to effectively organize logs for display in the module's profile view and provides a convenient method for displaying and storing drilling events and notes visually and within the IHS PETRA database. Drilling events are very useful for analysis, documentation and presentation purposes since they provide additional context and help users correlate information relating to the ultimate performance of the well.

IHS PETRA is being used more and more by reservoir and other types of petroleum engineers, and the Directional Well Module will likely become a major utility for engineers since directional wells and unconventional plays are typically engineering heavy workflows. New engineering functionality in IHS PETRA doesn't stop at the Directional Well Module, however.

IHS PETRA now includes a brand new Decline Curve Analysis Module to improve its decline curve and forecast capabilities. This new module provides users with a more effective way to display and manipulate production decline curves for selected wells. Users may choose to display the entire production history for a well or display individual production streams that represent sequential or co-mingled production. The Decline Curve Analysis Module also provides a set of graphical tools to fit an exponential or hyperbolic curve to the production data.

In addition to the new Directional Well and Decline Curve Analysis Modules, this new release of IHS PETRA includes powerful new interval data capabilities. IHS PETRA's interval data tables were introduced in 2009 and allow unlimited customization to handle a wide array of data such as lithology, core, paleontology, perforations, fracturing and pressures. Specific improvements to IHS PETRA's interval data functionality include the ability to display more than one interval data column in the Cross-Section Module and extract log statistics to intervals within the interval data table. There are also several new improvements to the interval data column calculation functionality, including the ability to use zone values as constants and to run calculations on a single well or a group of selected wells.

"The computational power of PETRA, already significant with zone, log and many other types of calculations, has now been taken to a whole new level with interval data calculations," added Williamson. "In combination with the ability to store directional well events in the interval data tables and the calculation links to log statistics and zones, interval data elevates IHS PETRA to an even higher level of scientific, data intensive interpretation and analysis."