Rockhopper Updates on Sea Lion Prospect

Rockhopper Exploration has obtained additional logging data from the 14/10-2 well on the Sea Lion prospect. Thus far, the logging data has confirmed the well encountered 174 feet (53 meters) of net pay in multiple zones, with the thickest portion at about 82 feet (25 meters) net pay, and average porosity is 19%, with peaks of 28%. In the 82-foot (25-meter) pay zone, the permeability ranges between 200 milidarcy and 500 milidarcy, with peaks over 1 darcy. No oil/water contact has been encountered.

The company will now proceed with additional log analysis and will collect fluid samples. Rockhopper will now run a liner to allow the well to be suspended for future testing, and is mulling the idea of whether to drill an appraisal well on the prospect later in the drilling campaign. The Sea Lion prospect is located on Block 14/10 in Production Licenses 032 and 033 on the eastern basin margin of the Falkland Islands. Rockhopper wholly owns and operates the prospect.

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