J. Ray McDermott Secures Fabrication Contract on Gorgon Project

The Kellogg Joint Venture-Gorgon on behalf of Chevron Australia, operator of the Gorgon Project, awarded J. Ray McDermott a contract to construct more than 60 pre-assembled racks and units with an estimated combined weight of roughly 27,558 tons (25,000 tonnes). McDermott will provide services for project management, fabrication engineering, procurement and material management, construction, commissioning assistance, quarantine compliance, load out and sea fastening. The completed pre-assembled structures will be installed as part of the LNG plant currently under construction on Barrow Island. Work is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2010, with project completion after two years. Located about 43 to 87 miles (70 to 140 kilometers) off the northwestern coast of Western Australia in the Carnarvon Basin and on the Northwest Shelf is the Greater Gorgon project.

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