Deep Casing Tools Runs New Well Reaming System in North Sea

Deep Casing Tools has successfully run its new Turborunner™ system in the central North Sea, UK.

Having experienced placement challenges in previous wells, PetroCanada selected the Turborunner for a horizontal application in the Saxon development well, 21/23b-S2, and achieved successful placement of a 3,000 ft pre-drilled liner from a Semi Submersible.

The new Turborunner™ tool, is specifically designed to enable completion engineers to successfully achieve open hole completion placement operations and combines optimized washing with a rotational reaming capability without the need to rotate the completion string. The Turborunner's very low operating pressure allows for integration with most completion systems and assists in the first time
placement of liners or completions.

Senior Drilling Engineer for PetroCanada UK - Steve Salter, commented, "We felt the tool gave us an operational advantage with little or no operational risk and were happy with the performance it provided."

Mark Presslie – Sales Manager for Deep Casing Tools said, "Credit must go to the JW Mclean Drilling Team for overcoming what proved to be a significant challenge due to hole instability and also running the tool to Depth from a Semi Submersible. Confidence in the Turborunner™ from PetroCanada's wells delivery team is extremely encouraging and represents an important step towards the uptake of this new technology in challenging well scenarios."