TN-K Completes Drilling 5 Additional Wells

TN-K announced that drilling is now complete on five more well locations on the JR and Pansy Clark leases in Green County Kentucky, bringing the total to seven new locations since these leases were acquired in February 2010. Oil was struck in all five of the new locations.

Mr. Ken Page, TN-K's CEO, stated, "Oil was struck in the Pansy Clark well # P33 and JR Clark wells #135 and # 136 in the Murfreesboro formation at between 1,300 feet and 1,400 feet. In addition, oil was struck in the JR Clark wells # 128 and # 116 in the Knox formation between 1,500 feet and 1,700 feet. We are in the process of testing and completing these wells." Mr. Page continued, "All of these wells look very promising and we feel our production has been improved substantially. We have had great success on these leases thus far and have approximately 50 more locations to be drilled."