DTC to Provide Retrievable Acoustic System Offshore Brazil

DTC International has been awarded a contract to provide a fully retrievable acoustic system (including retrievable batteries), based on DTC's revolutionary MODSYS® Modular Subsea Control System to be fitted to a BOP on a drilling rig contracted for work offshore Brazil.

The acoustic system is comprised of three MODSYS® modules, one with a total of 12 directional control valves, 16 solenoids and 32 pressure transducers, and two other interchangeable modules, which include acoustic components and battery packs from an industry leading acoustic supplier.

Your browser may not support display of this image. DTC's MODSYS® control system incorporates components that have been field proven for years within the production and drilling industry, in a very creatively configured package. One of the many features that the MODSYS® control system provides is its ability to be deployed and retrieve using a work-class ROV equipped with a tooling skid. This is a revolutionary step, in that repairs can now be made to the acoustic system, even batteries replaced, without bringing the stack to the surface. This fundamental feature allows a quick, safe, and economical means to maintain the control system with minimal downtime. Because the Acoustic System is retrievable subsea, components can be replaced in a matter of hours and the need to bring the stack to the surface for control component repair/replacement is eliminated, resulting in substantial savings. The MODSYS® control system also offers other advantages. Designed to incorporate various and infinitively variable configurations in a small lightweight module means that independent failed components can be changed out with ease, while the system's built-in flexibility allows new modules to be added as required, and the system's capabilities expanded or customized.

Commenting on the system, Margaret Buckley, DTC's Product/Project Manager of Control Systems, stated, "The ability to retrieve and replace an acoustic system or even change out the batteries without pulling the stack is an industry first and a must have for every deepwater BOP system. The MODSYS® modular system is just the start of a whole revolution in control systems; with everything easily retrievable, it changes the entire game."