Expro Opens New Shop in Alaska

Expro's investment in a new facility in Kenai, Alaska, has allowed the company to offer its range of services and products to customers in the Alaskan Frontier division.

Building of the new facility began in October 2008. Five full well testing packages were moved to the new base from the North Slope to add to the already present e-line capability. Expro can now also supply calipers, downhole video cameras, the EXcape completion system and its award-winning cableless telemetry system (CaTS) to customers.

With a firm focus on safety, service quality and efficiency, all maintenance and repairs to equipment can now be completed in the new facility instead of on the worksites.

Expro services its North America operations through two distinct operating regions, Land and Offshore. These regions allow Expro to focus on the differing needs of the two very different operating areas. Expro's North America Offshore region is focused on servicing operations in three specific basins, Gulf of Mexico, East Coast Canada and Alaska. The operations in these three areas require a high level of service excellence due to the complexity of offshore and frontier operations. The three operating bases in the offshore region all offer a wide range of services from Expro’s well flow management portfolio, including well testing, subsea safety systems, downhole cameras, calipers & power tools, tubing conveyed perforating, and production service tools.

Barry Wynne, Expro's Frontier division manager, said, "We are delighted to have moved into the facility, which greatly improves the quality and range of service that we can provide to our customers. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to make sure we tailor our solutions to their needs. Our presence in this new facility underlines that commitment and ensures we remain focused on delivering what the customer wants, when they want it."

The North America Land region has 23 operating bases in five divisions throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. These operations employee about 350 people and cover a wide array of services including drilling chokes, downhole cameras, calipers & power tools, frac flowback, flarestacks, well testing, tubing conveyed perforating, and production service tools.