American Petro-Hunter Reaches TD at North Ok. Well

American Petro-Hunter updated drilling progress at the "North Oklahoma Oil Project" where the No. 1 Well was drilled to a T.D. (total depth) of 3600 feet and multiple zones were encountered with oil and gas shows in the well.

The Company is pleased to report that the main objective intersected 38 feet of potential pay. The operator of the project has called for the well to be completed and the well has now been cased to depth so that the completion program may commence.

The 38 foot pay zone will be immediately perforated, acidized and swab tested in order to establish possible production rates if the well is deemed commercial. The Company will report further details as results are made available from the operator in the field.

The Prospect, located in northern Oklahoma, has potential for high gravity light oil above 3800 feet and if successful, wells could produce at Initial Production Rates in the 150 BPD range. The play has the potential for a multi-well program that could see the drilling of up to 8 additional wells.