Second Extended Production Test Underway at Jingemia Field

Origin Energy says that production testing at the Jingemia Field in Australia's Perth Basin commenced over the weekend following regulatory approvals and upgrades to both the access road and Jingemia temporary facilities. Currently, the Jingemia 1 well is producing at approximately 1700 barrels of oil per day.

Production testing has been approved through to February 1, 2004. During the first month an interference test will be conducted between Jingemia 1 and 3. Following the results of this testing it is expected that injection of water into Jingemia 3 will provide pressure support to the reservoir. This phase of water injection is subject to separate Government approval. The aim of the extended production test is to acquire additional information on reservoir performance and pressure maintenance to enable the formulation of a field development plan and confirm the facilities required for permanent field development.

During the period of the test the oil produced will be trucked to the BP oil refinery south of Perth for sale.

Participants in EP 413 and Jingemia 1 are: Origin Energy as operator with 49.189%; Hardman Resources with 22.376%; AWE with 15.245%; Voyager Energy Limited with 6.270%; Victoria Petroleum with 5.000%; Norwest Energy with 1.278%; ARC Energy with 0.250%; Roc Oil with 0.250%; and John Kevin Geary with 0.142%.