IADC to Hold GOM Drilling Conference

The International Association of Drilling Contractors will hold the Drilling Gulf of Mexico Conference & Exhibition that will focus on the potential and challenges of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The conference will also explore deepwater innovations and operations and the Gulf of Mexico Security post 9/11 security concerns. The conference will examine overcoming difficult drilling challenges, including high temperatures and pressures while drilling for gas on the GOM shelf. Specifically, speakers will present on Shell's Sour Service Prediction Methodology, Jackup Technology for the GOM, Deepwater Innovations such as eliminating downhole drilling problems and Slim Riser – which offers the possibility to use less expensive 3rd or 4th generation rigs and much more.

The conference will convene at the Omni Houston Hotel Westside. To book a room, call 1-281-558-8338. For more information or sponsorship, contact Leesa Teel at 1-713-292-1945, ext 210, or check the web at IADC.

Companies participating include: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation; Shell Exploration & Production Company; ConocoPhillips; Shell Deepwater Services; BP; ChevronTexaco; UNOCAL; GlobalSantaFe; Schlumberger; Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc.; Rowan Companies, Inc; and Atwood Oceanics, Inc. Conference sponsors include: GlobalSantaFe Inc.; Noble Corporation, Caterpillar and Hydril.

Conference topics include:

  • A perspective on the challenges and potential benefits deep gas on the Shelf offers.

  • Assessment on the potential for sour service and consideration of sour safe design protocols such as NACE casing and tubing design and attendant QA/QC practices.

  • Discussion of how the parameters of today's deep-gas wells in the Central GOM increase the loads on older rigs and how it prompted a company to design a new jackup class for this application.

  • A discussion on uncontrolled well flows in the shallow sections of wells being drilled with only diverters installed and the lessons learned and actions taken to prevent re-occurrence.

  • A session on how a company developed a process and is delivering "close tolerance liner drilling" and an update on the status of that work.

  • A session on Managed Pressure Drilling and an overview of the two years since the successful SMD-JIP field test for Dual Gradient Technology and various methods that have evolved from this technology and how it will lead to increase drilling performance.

  • A Deepwater Innovations session will cover Slim Riser – An alternate method for ultra deepwater; Surface BOP Technology – latest advances and guidelines development; and Deep Gas vs. Deepwater – comparing the drilling problems.

  • An overview of GOM regulations and training which includes: recent changes to CFR Subpart D and the Impact to Simultaneous Operations; WellCAP Plus – A Step Change in Training.

  • Sessions on Deepwater Operations – Advanced Drillstring Inspection and Rating Technology for Deepwater Operations; Managing the Risks to Operational Reliability Associated with Building Deepwater Semi-Submersibles Prototypes.

  • A discussion on recent developments relating to offshore oil and gas exploration and production activities in the GOM, including security planning, recent changes to regulatory requirements, and industry recommended practices.