Halliburton Field Tests New Sampling Technology for BG Norge

Halliburton announced the successful completion of field tests for the GeoTap® IDS fluid identification and sampling sensor for BG Norge. The test was performed on the Bredford Dolphin drilling rig for the 34/5-1 S Blåbær exploration well offshore Norway. Application of the technology saves operators rig costs and significantly reduces the industry’s requirement for time-consuming post-well wireline sampling.

GeoTap® IDS sensor revolutionizes subsurface hydrocarbon fluid sampling. For the first time, reservoir formation fluids can be sampled during short stops in the drilling process with a tool placed in the logging-while-drilling (LWD) assembly. This makes the technology ideal for high-cost drilling environments such as deepwater exploration wells, where conventional wireline-based sampling programs often cost several million dollars more in rig time and increase well risk. GeoTap® IDS also allows operators to acquire multiple fluid samples within just hours of drilling the formation instead of days, reducing the likelihood of borehole damage and producing a less contaminated sample.

By allowing several samples to be collected through a productive hydrocarbon zone during pauses in the drilling operation, the tool improves operators' ability to quickly characterize fluid variability, often an indicator of reservoir compartmentalization. The tool also has the potential to optimize wellbore placement and achieve maximum production over the life of the reservoir.

"Halliburton is pleased with the outcome of the project and the potential it has to improve efficiency and deliver cost savings to operators. We thank BG Norge for the opportunity to deploy this technology," said Jorunn Sætre, country vice president for Halliburton Scandinavia.

"By eliminating the need for additional fluid data acquisition, operators have the potential to dramatically reduce operating costs and improve well economics. This is a significant development for our customers as they continue to explore and develop more complex reservoirs," said James Bement, vice president of Sperry Drilling, a Halliburton product service line. "As the only technology of its type on the market today, we are excited by the global demand for the service."