Nigerian Labour Congress Decides Against Strike Action

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) said it would not call a strike right now over a recent fuel price hike, but said dialogue was needed to avoid a crisis.

"I believe we don't want to resume the strike so long as the president demonstrates a will to resolve the issue," NLC leader Adams Oshiomhole told delegates at a union meeting.

"If the government refuses to engage us in serious dialogue it will be a great pity because we will then be forced to resume what we had suspended," he added, referring to an eight-day strike over a pump price rise in June.

Nigerian petrol prices rose from 34 naira (26 U.S. cents) a liter to around 40 naira earlier this month, after the government liberalized the fuel market as part of a wide-ranging reform programme.

The NLC backed down on a subsequent strike threat over the issue after petrol marketers agreed to return to the pre-liberalization price. It now says this agreement has not been honored.