Freudenberg Launches New Upstream Sector

Freudenberg has launched Freudenberg Oil & Gas to better establish its brand footprint in the upstream marketplace. Freudenberg Oil & Gas which operates a major facility in Germany and has locations in Canada, Houston, Norway, Scotland, Kazakhstan and Brazil brought together under one unifying umbrella.

"We established Freudenberg Oil & Gas to take advantage of the more than 160 years of history and broad seal applications experience that the Freudenberg Group delivers," stated Brian Jones, vice president business development, Freudenberg Oil & Gas.

Freudenberg Oil & Gas utilizes advanced in-house manufacturing, off-the-shelf and custom designs, comprehensive testing and prototyping of specialized elastomers and high-performance plastics to provide customers with robust solutions. The principle value drivers of the newly named company are: Innovative Technology, Ingrained Quality Systems, Global Presence and Operational Excellence.

To safely and efficiently meet the often extreme operating conditions and diverse applications of customers worldwide, Freudenberg Oil & Gas offers a complete range of standard elastomeric seals, custom-molded elastomers, engineered sealing solutions, high-performance machined plastics, pressure-control products, and metallic seals and gaskets.

"From standard O-rings and custom-molded downhole tool seal components to spring-energized seals and BOP packers, we have the product portfolio, engineering expertise and service reach to satisfy the upstream seal requirements of our customers," concluded Jones.