Nigeria LNG Advances Ship Vetting with Navarik

Navarik announced that Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) has commenced live operations with Navarik Vetting™ -- An application which helps reduce risk by enabling the user to identify and assess vessels that meet NLNG's vessel Quality Assurance Policy requirements and hence reduce the risk to the Company associated with their maritime business requirements.

"We needed a system that could provide fast and reliable shipping assurance and compliance," said Captain Temilola Okesanjo, General Manager of NLNG's Shipping Division. "What Navarik delivered is a comprehensive solution that enables us to make quicker, more informed vetting decisions and dramatically reduces the time required to retain an up-to-date audit log of all vessel clearance requests, responses and Terminal Assurance."

"Navarik has really enjoyed helping NLNG develop a strong shipping assurance capability in Nigeria," said Patrick Rooney, CEO of Navarik. "We are very confident that Navarik Vetting will enable NLNG to realize their goal of having a complete, easy-to-use system that ensures vessel safety and suitability commensurate with NLNG's Vessel Quality Assurance Policy."